Value Addition

Value Addition Zambia Gold Company Limited

Zambia Gold Company Limited (“ZGCL”) has and continues to play a leading role in the extraction of value in the gold sub-sector in Zambia. This stems from its mandate to lead the development of the gold sub-sector through various activities aimed at exploiting gold throughout the value chain. One key business activity through which ZGCL aims to do this is by becoming a key player in the gold jewellery business.

McKinsey Research estimates that globally, the fine jewellery market will grow at a 3 to 4 percent CAGR between 2019 and 2025, expanding from $280 billion in sales to between $340 and $360 billion. It further states that gold jewellery represents the largest source of annual demand for gold, approximately 50% of global gold demand.

It is in this regard that ZGCL is undertaking value addition activities by processing some of its gold stock into various products such as rings, necklaces, stamped bars for treasure collections as well as other ornaments.

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