Gold rush changing lives in Mwinilungu

MINING of gold in Mwinilunga in North-Western Province seems to have brought life to the area with social and economic activities slowly increasing, a trend that has delighted the local populace.

Previously known for honey and pineapples, the discovery of gold in Kasenseli has changed the narrative for Mwinilunga.

Kasenseli gold mine, which was discovered by the local people in Chief Chibwika’s area in July 2019, saw an influx of people illegally exploiting the easily accessible gold deposits and sold it cheaply because most of them did not know its value.

Government quickly intervened through a presidential directive to stop all mining activities pending identification and consequently engagement of a suitable mining investor.

Zambia Consolidated Copper Mining-Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH) was identified to run the mining activities at the gold mine on behalf of Government.
Since then ZCCM-IH has been buying the mineral from artisans and small-scale miners.


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